Integrated Martial Arts

I have been attending a Integrated Martial Arts class with my son for a couple months now. (Taekwondo, Judo, T’ai Chi Chu’an, Tang Soo Do) I first joined cause I saw other women my age was trying it out. So I thought why not!! First class,,, they was there,,, but after that ,, they dropped out! So I was like,,, hmmmm How long can I stick this out???

It’s hard,, demanding,, physical,, and fun. I have a thing about touching others,, and being touched. I DON’T LIKE IT!!  But being involved in this class,,, I am slowly loosing that  thought.

Also I like doing something my son is doing,,, he likes me going ,, and knowing I can fully defend myself if harm comes my way.

Every practice I leave red faced and outta breath,,, flop sweat all over,,, but feeling great!!


My first belt test was only 3 weeks after I joined. I earned a yellow stripe,,, very first level of the class. I was so proud of myself!!


At the end of April is my next test,,, full Yellow. My Sifu said I’m a natural and  caught on quickly also could jump belts ( be on the same level as my son),,, but I wanted to do this right. Take my time,, and appreciate the forms fully.

I catch on quickly,,, I was in dance from 3 yrs to 22 yrs lol,,, so Its all a big dance for me lol

My son is a Purple Stripe,,, 2 levels higher than me. Hes been working about a year longer than me. I told him,,, I’m going to pass you up!!! lol    He says, “Come on then!!” lol

Here’s my son ,,, and That’s our Sifu in black,, little but Mighty!!


Im loving how I feel,,, I am a Warrior!!



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