I have dreams

I would love to win the lottery and just roam the world… I want to visit everywhere in the United States and just have an adventure with my son.

by a Winnebago and just drive. We have sat down and wrote out a road map to anywhere and everywhere we want to go!   Only thing holding us back is money. Funny thing is,,, everywhere we want to go is just here in the USA,,,

I want to take him to the Grand Canyon,,, Camp out in a tent under the stars,,, have rides down into the canyon. Not only the Grand Canyon,, I want to go to the Palo Duro Canyon again,,, I been there as a child. It was a wonderful experience.

Its hell to live just paycheck to paycheck. Can never splurge on things.

but,,, ohhhhhhh how I would love to just be out on the open road,,, I feel in my past life I must’ve been a drifter,, gypsy,, or just a hitchhiker that just craved freedom at all cost. Sun on my shoulders,,, wind in my hair… no responsibilities…


My also other dreams is helping other through my fortune,,, Donate money to worthy causes,,, help kids by giving scholarships to colleges that they could get in,,, but possibly could not pay for,,, I think its horrible some brilliant minds can make it to top universities,,,, but are hit by a roadblock because of the all mighty dollar!  It’s like telling them,,, you did your best,,, but its still not good enough. I saw that happen to my brother. He ended up joining the Navy,,, saved up money,, and now going to school. I’m so proud of him.

But ,,, there is a reason I’m in this place in my life. I’m happy,, but I feel I can do a lot more.

Just a few extra $$$$ wouldn’t hurt! lol



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