Needed a little color in my life.

My Grandmother gave us her big fork and spoon from her wedding day gifts. About 60 years ago.
They have been hanging in our kitchen for about 5 years.
I been watching about chalk paint for a few days…and got the bug… I gotta paint something!!! Running thru my Mums kitchen…looking for anything to paint… even was staring at her small terra cotta fish .. she said No!!! Charles (my brother) gave me that when he was in jr high.
Ugh.. ok  so we eyeballed the Big fork and spoon..  with Polynesian tiki faces carved into the handles.


By the way.. they don’t go with anything my mothers style. So thats whats gonna get painted!!


But problem…. I don’t have any paint!!  Mum knows how to make the chalk paint… but no paint!! So she said here is a few bucks.. drive to town and find a color… omg I never picked a color by myself…always let her do it…cause I always suck at color and patterns combinations lol, also never painted an object before.
She said, ” go to the color your heart leads you too today”… hippy dippy Mother lol
So off to Sherwin Williams…. not a clue on what I wanted… but listening to Led Zepplin all the 12 miles to town…
Walked in..and I saw it right off…as I entered thru the door.  Adventure Orange!!!!! I was in love.
Bought a sample… came home Mum mixed up the concoction. .. and we got to work.
Its not too hard…and just applied the 2nd coat… the color looks wonderful….


I will post a picture when I’m completely done… and hanging on the wall. 🙂
Ok ..several days later. And still loving the color. So put it up on the wall… I adore it!!
Here’s the finished project.

Peace and Love…. April


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