My first cruise has already been a month since I took a cruise to Mexico with Carnival Valor.

It was wonderful… I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on my first time. If you want to try the steakhouse..don’t bother..just wait! Everything they serve in the steakhouse is served in the main dining room. You can save $35 per person. I don’t drink hard liquor..just wine..but if you do may want to buy the drink package. But to make the drink package worth getting you have to drink about 15 alcoholic drinks a day… I could never do that! Lol…. I used rum runner packed them into my suitcase near my toothbrushes and etc… And they got through just fine.  Each one held about 1 bottle of wine each.

Just make sure you want to double bag with a Ziploc just in case of leaks.

All I suggest to pack is knitwear..easy to pack and doesn’t wrinkle. Dress up night was the first night onboard. Suit and fancy dress. Also make sure you pack something that can plug multiple plugs because only one plug!!!

  • Beds was comfy and I was almost seasick but never full-blown. We brought a whitenoise machine best idea ever.. Because I’m used to sleeping with a fan on and that helped tremendously.  Oh yes!! Me and my mother would’ve passed our room up if I didn’t pre-make a door sign to have ours look different than all the others.. That will save your time and not scare the person on the other side lol!!!

Leaving Galveston

The dining rooms was beautiful and the servers was so nice and professional.

My mother came with me.. She was the perfect person to experience this for the first time. It was her first time as we could be gitty and giggly together.

When we got to Cozumel we didn’t do much.. Walked around a bit and got back on the ship.  Shopping isn’t really our thing.

I also won a prize for knowing the most movie music knowledge.. Woo hoo!!!

Over all the food was wonderful the staff was beyond professional. Our room steward Noel was awesome…anything we needed he was there. Loved him. After we got back home, I made arrangements for another cruise next June with my son. Also my mother has one lined up for Feb!! Lol

I guess we’re new fans of cruising.


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