Today was a good day.

Has to drive to a new area I’ve never been to. Usually that makes me a nervous wreck. And when my anxiety gets high my IBS decides to kick in… But today sent to smooth… Went to a lovely town called Kingwood here in Texas….its a beautiful place. The trees were big and reached over the streets to shade the roads from the hot Texas sun. I noticed the signs for businesses were different… Not in your face… Just chill.

Had to take my son for his state testing in Kingwood (EOC for Biology)… After test we found a nice park to eat the picnic lunch I packed at 4am this morning…. I’ve been trying to avoid eating out. The park was beautiful… But ate fast because didn’t realize only people in that area could use the park… Only Kingwood residents…they know by a special “k” sticker on there car… But no one said anything.. We just made it quick lol.

Came home and Sophie was upset that we all left today… She been up my sons butt all evening. Totally not like her to be that way…

Yep…today was a good day.


New Job

Since I started my new job as a full time bus driver my stress level has gone way down… And this may seem strange to some but I like that I can come in..grab my keys… Walk out the door and not talk to a soul at work. I love that freedom of being alone… No pressure to work as a team.

I’m rather a shy and quiet person. And don’t let others know much about me… So this is perfect.

Today I got bored waiting for other buses to line up so I took a pic…. Oh how I love Snapchat lol

Home life is going good… We are expecting bees on the farm within a few weeks… Dad built a bee box.. Been going to local county beekeeper meetings. Its very interesting!! At first I was terrified in the idea of having wild bees in the yard!!! But I feel so reassured and got a nice suit for beekeeping on the way…

I will post more pics and updates on how this new venture.


New Journey

Well…a lot has happened since Hurricane Harvey (last post).

We came out ok from the storm.. Minimal damage.

I left my job as a teachers aide… Wasn’t something I was wanting to do any longer. I was constantly stressed. Making me physically sick. I just chose to find a place that got more hours and pay in driving a school bus… I found a nice school district. Better pay…better conditions.. And I really don’t have to speak to anyone..walk in and out.. I get to come home in the middle of the day…spend time with my 17 yr old that still being homeschooled.

As of last week we got a new member to the family… Sophie! She was abandoned Great Pyrenees at our driveway…we waited for days to see if anyone was searching for her. No go…went to get…no microchip. So we named her Sophie. Got her some shots and got her lined up with a groomer because she was a mess! Had matted hair all over… Smelled like motor oil. And I think she was abused because I just raised my hand while talking…she ducked and coward down…. She such a sweet gentle giant.

She had to be shaved down and I feel bad about the groomer… Took 3 hours to get her cleaned up. But here’s the end results

That’s the best pic I could get lol… She has to wear a shirt because she could get a sunburn.

Anyways…. I’m also trying something new… Realizing my hair is wavy.. I thought in all my 40 yrs that I had straight hair that didn’t behave… But nope …wavy hair.

Before with no product…and I straightend it!!

Now after just 5 days working the Curly Girl Method.

I am completely shook!! Its so much easier to manage and stays nice and wavy…

I’m so glad my mom told me try this… I will never straighten my hair again!!!

Oh yeah… I lost 32 lbs!! With DietBet… Skipped this month… Will do next month.

Natural disaster

Still reeling from Hurricane Harvey. Although we didn’t withstand damage. Many cities south of us did. Not much help I could give people because my mom threw her back out getting us prepared for the storm. So I had to stay with her ..and be there when she needed me. I guess I have this underlying guilt.  Kids I work with are bad off.. No homes, clothing, and food…. I am proud that the school has put together it Ms to wear and school supplies..also send home food on the weekends.  

Took me years tho get over Hurricane Ikr because that was bad for us…lost our home.  Maybe it’s a hungover feelings also from the past.

Ramping up the cars so they don’t grey flooded..water just kept rising from the bayou.

Frustration…near tears my son falls in flood water… Electricity went out.. Mom checking on farm animals…

The face of frustration

P.E. Class

So I thought going back to school to complete my associate’s degree in Education would be hard… It hasn’t been too bad so far. So this summer I decided to take my phys ed class during summer. I am so dumb… Not only I’m not physical but this was intense!!! Basically I have to be in the gym 2 hours a day to make the 30 hrs requirement. I live 35 miles away so only days I’m on campus to do classes is 4 days so I’m 2 hours in the gym.. Then get to class..then finally go home. 

The only thing that has changed from this is I actually enjoy this! Lol…. I have lost 22 lbs. And lost 3 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my backside/thighs.  Pretty sad that the last day I can go to the gym on August 4th… But I’m already signed up to start with a local wellness center that has a full facility of weights. 

Black top.. After just 3 weeks…

Face is thinning… 

My first cruise has already been a month since I took a cruise to Mexico with Carnival Valor.

It was wonderful… I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on my first time. If you want to try the steakhouse..don’t bother..just wait! Everything they serve in the steakhouse is served in the main dining room. You can save $35 per person. I don’t drink hard liquor..just wine..but if you do may want to buy the drink package. But to make the drink package worth getting you have to drink about 15 alcoholic drinks a day… I could never do that! Lol…. I used rum runner packed them into my suitcase near my toothbrushes and etc… And they got through just fine.  Each one held about 1 bottle of wine each.

Just make sure you want to double bag with a Ziploc just in case of leaks.

All I suggest to pack is knitwear..easy to pack and doesn’t wrinkle. Dress up night was the first night onboard. Suit and fancy dress. Also make sure you pack something that can plug multiple plugs because only one plug!!!

  • Beds was comfy and I was almost seasick but never full-blown. We brought a whitenoise machine best idea ever.. Because I’m used to sleeping with a fan on and that helped tremendously.  Oh yes!! Me and my mother would’ve passed our room up if I didn’t pre-make a door sign to have ours look different than all the others.. That will save your time and not scare the person on the other side lol!!!

Leaving Galveston

The dining rooms was beautiful and the servers was so nice and professional.

My mother came with me.. She was the perfect person to experience this for the first time. It was her first time as we could be gitty and giggly together.

When we got to Cozumel we didn’t do much.. Walked around a bit and got back on the ship.  Shopping isn’t really our thing.

I also won a prize for knowing the most movie music knowledge.. Woo hoo!!!

Over all the food was wonderful the staff was beyond professional. Our room steward Noel was awesome…anything we needed he was there. Loved him. After we got back home, I made arrangements for another cruise next June with my son. Also my mother has one lined up for Feb!! Lol

I guess we’re new fans of cruising.

Made my own Spirit Shirts!!

I never like what is offered for spirit shirt… and don’t like the shirts they come in…too short.
So I made my own for the very first time wuth my Mums silhouette machine,HTV vinyl,  and some imagination.
Oh lord… I think im goinh to go overboard!  Lol
Here’s the final product



And going to make more tomorrow.