Im in allergy hell

I have pretty bad allergies.  So awful I just open the door im miserable.  I look like the.people on tv. Typical red eyed, stuffy nose, sneezing freak.
   I hate to take my meds. Im totally not a functioning peraon when I take them.
     I finally took them roday. I feel better… Just everything alow motion.    I hate that.
    How can I properly work as an educator while I take these things…. that why I just suffer thru it.

Pizza night!!!

I haven’t had pizza for months!! Ever since I had been diagnosed with Celiacs disease. 
  Found this gluten free pizza dough mix. And trying it out for the first time last night.  It turned out wonderful!!  Tasted great and was so thick crust! Lol
Gonna have pizza for leftover lunch today…. im hungry just thinkin about it 🙂


Vegan Gluten Free Pizza


Orthodontics time!!

My son been going to the Orthodontist for 6 months now and I have seen a huge improvement.  Not only just his teeth.. but his attitude and confidence.  Poor baby was born with bad teeth on both side of the family. He has to have almost every form of orthodontics performed on him. $10,000 later.. he’s going to have a awesome smile.
   Here is the day we left to get them put on.


The xray they took of his jaw placement


And of course first day they put them on 🙂


  And in six months  has been a huge difference. 


He is my handsome man.

Sick :-(

I come to you today from my bed. I managed to be up enough to get dressed put on some make up…took my son to church…and came home went back to bed.
Every year…same thing. Major Sinus and Allergy attacks. Messes with my asthma bad! Can’t breathe… and hust non stop coughing. hit fast and I hope I can get to a dr on Tuesday because of the Labor Day weekend… I hope my sinus problem doesn’t turn into an infection.   Did a netti pot to flush out my nasal passages. Also took some OTC meds… so I hope it all works out. Just keeping me in a sleepy state of mind.
   But I have been watching Breaking Bad on Netflicks….. I never seen it. Mannnnnnn this show is something else!! Didnt know how crazy people can be on or about Meth!! I guess. I have been blessed to be sheltered. …
I can’t help It on some scences to laugh at poor Walter White.     And I dont know much about his wife… but seems like a ball bustin witch to me.
Anyways…I’m on Season 1 episode 6.
      Each episode gets better than the last.


I got a new toy today!!!

Went to Macy’s today to simply get a new rice cooker. Been putting it off for awhile now. Ugh… spending money 😦  But I finally got up the nerve and went to “look”. Lol
   Ended up buying the Fagor Electric Multi-Cooker.
   Its a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, browning program and and awesome delay programming option.
I cooked rice in it earlier today. Turn out wonderful!! I have Chicken and veggies pressure cooking right now. I will get back on after dinner and let y’all know how it turned out!
Of course… I had to be cheesy and take a picture lol.  So here’s my new pride and joy!!


2 hours later….. chicken was the best chicken I have ever made!!! So tender and juicy.
My son absolutely loved it! 🙂

Back to school for me!!!

Ugh… getting back to school is hard. Just to wake up at 5am is a ungodly act upon humanity!! Lol
    I wake early because not only I teach…. I also drive a school bus before and after school. I work in a very small school district..and also make a little extra money. 
    My mother made me a going back to school sback since I haven’t had anything cake-like in 6 months.  She found gluten free cake mix….and made me cupcakes!!!


They were yummy.


Great back to school treat. 
    I haven’t been crocheting as much as I wanted to.. being so busy cleaning house and making sure everything is reasy when I went back.  I like to over prepare.
   I mase a desision yesterday that my sons last year of homeschooling will be this year…he will start ahifh school next year. Best way to get a scholarship.  I hope he does well and fit in. Hes a bit on the geeky side.
  Anyways. . Better get busy … gotta get dressed and go shopping
… yuck!

Weenie dog

Nothing much to report today.
I had a horrible headache. My Dad took my son bowling today. So bonus! Quiet and alone time.  My head subsided … enough where I was thinking about my 6 year old nephew and how he may feel after the baby shower yesterday.  I remember I was the same age when my brother was born… feeling left out. So Auntie April to the rescue…. and seal the fate of being the most awesome and caring Auntie.
     I made a Weenie Dog toy for him. Found him on the net…. made him in a few hours.


Took it to him…. he was over the moon. And gave me the biggest hug.  Im glad he liked it. Made my heart smile
      He said “Auntie April, you always know what I’m feeling”   🙂
     He is a wonderful boy.
Im so glad my son and nephew are growing up to be fine caring young men.